Working With Us


If you are interested in working with New Biology Ventures, the first step is to provide us with your non-confidential executive summary.  E-mail your non-confidential executive summary to or send a hard copy to: 

New Biology Ventures, LLC

2271 Cobblehill Place

San Mateo, CA 94402

Tel: (415) 447-6003

Fax: (415) 447-6006


Your non-confidential executive summary should include the following:


  • Background of the current management team;
  • Brief description of the product concept, clinical rationale, and mechanism of action;
  • Intellectual property position (issued patents or filed PCTs);
  • Proposed research application/medical use/target indication(s);
  • Published data, stage of development and outline of the product development plan;
  • Assessment of the degree of un-met need, market size and competitive landscape.

We will review your non-confidential executive summary in a timely fashion and if necessary request additional information.  If there is a potential fit and complementary skill set we will contact you to request an introductory meeting with key members of your team.