Investment Strategy
What we do

New Biology Ventures invests in the creation and maturation of start-up companies that focus on the development and commercialization of innovative life sciences technologies, medtech devices and therapeutic biopharmaceuticals.   


We partner early on with entrepreneurs who have exciting technology who want to take it to the next level.  Typically, we take an active role in management of the company and execution of the business plan - not merely a board seat offering quarterly advice, but real roll-up your sleeves operations management. 
We support our portfolio companies through each phase of development and actively assist our CEO’s and entrepreneurs to build value through to exit. We do this by taking a disciplined project management approach through leading the development team to set and achieve value-added milestones.  We help senior management to formulate and optimize clinical and regulatory strategy and solve product development challenges. NBV ensures our portfolio companies achieve successful exists by optimizing the business development approach, providing merger and acquisition services and post-merger project management support.

We uniquely combine expertise in structuring and financing start-up biopharmaceutical companies with the capability to efficiently and effectively commercialize products.