What Makes NBV Different
Management Philosophy

Innovation is all about risk, yet in recent years the industry has shied away from risk, preferring to invest in later stage deals.  We recognize that innovation can come from anywhere and we consider technologies from both traditional and non-traditional sources.  At New Biology Ventures, we are innovators who apply entrepreneurial principals to change the economics of product development.


How do we do this? Through our unique approach.  We focus on improving the efficiency of the product development process by aligning interests and balancing risk while simultaneously decreasing the cost and time through the regulatory process.  We reduce execution risk by understanding the complexity of the product development process and utilizing our network of multi-disciplinary experts to help the company navigate the clinical, manufacturing, regulatory and commercial landscape. We are especially interested in early stage life science tool, medtech and medical technologies that offer the opportunity for faster development timelines and/or expedited regulatory review.